We all now know that major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity, can largely be prevented or be combated with proper nutrition. The fish, thanks to its significant nutritional value and great taste is a very good choice.

In our country, the fish has become an integral part of the traditional diet, which is still valid today, as we hold the second place in Europe as far as the consumption of fish is concerned.

The fish is a very nutritious and healthy food, rich in vitamins (A, D, B3), minerals (sodium, calcium, phosphorus) and high value proteins. This simply means that the fish can equally replace meat, since it provides all the essential amino acids needed for the human body.
As nutritionists recommend, it is important to enrich our diet with fish and seafood, twice a week.

How to recognize fresh fish

Every fish should be eaten in his time. As appropriate time, it is defined the time that the development of the fish has been completed.

First of all, the fresh fish is completely odorless. After a while, it smells like the sea as a fish. When the fish is fresh, it is hard and rigid. If the touching palm, forming an arc up. If you push it with your finger, no sign is left and the meat stays are so elastic that come back quickly in the initial state.

Its eyes are shiny, the gills are red or pink and wet and not dry, dull or brown.

Apart from the face, the fresh fish, can be recognized during cleaning and cooking. For example, fresh fish, although it has a metallic luster scales that stick to the skin, is easy to clean. When it is cooked , the flesh can easily be distracted from the bone.

However, the fish could easily be consumed grilled or boiled rather than fried since frying destroys a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. The consumption of a variety of different species of fish is beneficial to the environment. That way, the possibility of causing toxicity as far as the exclusive consumption of a particular species of fish is concerned is eliminated.

Fish and seafood are an excellent source of high nutritional value for people. With respect to the environment and a little attention to our choices, fish should be eaten twice a week.